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Wild Camping – The Best Outdoor Activity

It’s the resounding opinion here at Second Summit, that the best way to spend your free time is in the outdoors. Now, there are a great number of ways to pass the time while you’re out there and certainly more and more people are getting struck by the bug in recent years. but what is the definitive outdoor activity? Well, you have to look pretty hard to beat wild camping for all that it encompasses. A fantastic combination of walking, sometimes scrambling, low level, high level, epic views, changeable weather, sunrise, sunset, self reliance, escape from the crowds. quality time with close friends or family, and a huge sense of achievement when all is said and done. This following video captures the journey on a recent wild camping trip to the beautiful, English Lake District and showcases some of the things that you may encounter when wild camping.

It most certainly is an enjoyable past time, and one that you should be encouraged to try at least once. Keep an eye out in the advice section of the website for tips on wild camping, and other outdoor related topics.



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