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Police Use A Drone To Search For Missing Walker

After an influx of vloggers and outdoorsy folk using drones such as the DJI Phantom to record their pursuits from otherwise inaccessible viewpoints, it was only a matter of time before drones were put to use for other purposes in the mountains. After many attempts to find Ring of Steal walker, Eric Cyl – police have decided to do just that. Having only left prepared for a day hike, lack of sightings and or information of Mr Cyl’s whereabouts have been none existent since he left for walking on 30th May. Despite the use of the drone, searches have still, as yet proved unsuccesful.

Highland Police have started to use a drone, in the search for a missing walker.

Chief Inspector Colin Gough, of South Highland Police commented, “With the use of modern aviation technology, we can supplement search efforts by utilising resources such as in this particular circumstance, an unmanned drone, piloted by Mr Anderstrem. The use of such equipment means we can access otherwise inaccessible areas of the mountain range with no immediate risk to any search and rescue personnel.

Along with today’s search activity, we continue to review the ongoing search arrangements on a daily basis with support from both local specialist experts, teams and resources and operational support from across Police Scotland.”

Mr Cyl is  5ft 10in (178cm), with short- to medium-length grey hair, he left wearing a blue Páramo midlayer, grey waterproof jacket, dark trousers, navy  boots,  a daysack and two walking poles.

Seeing these types of drones in action, it becomes obvious the advantage they bring. It would be great if we continue to see their use in further search and rescue type operations when it is difficult for people to explore the entire area with any pace, or at all.


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