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Kate Tyler – Wild Camping Blogger: Q&A

Amongst the growing blogging section of the outdoors community, I dont think I’ve ever met a more down to earth character that loves the hills more than Kate Tyler. It hasn’t been long since she started her blog, but Kate has been posting updates and photographs from her, predominantly bivvy orientated, wild camping adventures for a while. When speaking to non outdoorsy people, it is generally assumed that wild camping involves blokes trying to be either Bear Grylls or Ray Mears – but Kate (along with a couple of other awesome wild camping women) shows it most certainly is not. Wine drinking women also enjoy a night on the hill too! If you’d like to follow Kate’s blog, then check it out below:


Kate Tyler



1.Give us a little introduction

My name is Kate Tyler and I live on the edge of the Lake District. I work in the outdoor industry as a manager and buyer for an independent outdoor store in the lakes. I have my own wild camping blog which I update as often as time allows – when I’m not on the hill, the bike or at work!

2.What is your preferred outdoor activity?

I love bivvying and wild camping in my spare time. I am keen on being out after work if the weather allows – even if I’m back to work in the morning I am also a keen road cyclist. I spend up to a 100 miles at a time on my day off in the saddle.  I also walk; cave/mine explore and climb.

3.What first inspired you to start hiking?

I’ve been going on the hill since I was a baby. My parents both loved the Lake District and we spent our annual holidays here from a very young age. My parents moved to Cumbria when I was 5 so we were out all the time!

4.What first inspired you to start wild camping?

I prefer the mountains when they are at they are quietest so I felt it was only natural to be there at night. I love being under the stars and the moon and seeing the sunsets and sunrises. It also gives me time to think and relax.

5. You tend to blog about solo camps, do you prefer camping alone or with company?

I am a loner yes.. For the most part I like to be on the hill by myself. I’m not antisocial but I have a busy job that involves me being around people most days so I find the time alone therapeutic! I also love the quiet. I do like being with friends from time to time also.

Photo credit to Kate Tyler

Photo credit to Kate Tyler

6.Where is your favourite place to be outdoors?

I love the mountains – especially the Lakes and North Wales. I have a lot of favourite spots – too many to list but I love the Coniston Fells.

7. What is your fondest outdoorsy memory?

Sharing days out on the hill with my mum, she passed 8 years ago and was my best friend, I have many fond bivvy and camping memories but a solo camp on Wetherlam in the snow last year sticks in my mind due to the sunrise being one of the finest I’d seen.

8.How did you get into blogging your adventures?

A friend suggested it and it took off from there! I had written a few bits for our old underground club so thought I’d have a try.

9.What would be your one piece of advice to someone who wanted to start hiking and/or wild camping?

Get the right kit for your level of adventure. Never bite off more than you can chew.. The ability to get off the hill intact at night in poor weather is important – you never know when you’ll need to bail!!!!




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