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August Competition – Jack Wolfskin EDS Dynamic 38

Now is your chance to win in our August Competition! You can snag yourself a Jack Wolfskin EDS Dynamic 38 Rucksack. All you have to do is submit the story of your first ever camping trip. It can be a family trip, a solo trip, site camping, wild camping – as long as it involves camping! Accompanying pictures would be great as well. The best three stories will also be featured here on Second Summit.

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The Jack Wolfskin EDS Dynamic 38L rucksack that YOU could win!

Everyone has to start somewhere, and at some time. Remembering back to the first camping experience for many will remind them just how far they have come, and how much experience they gained from those early days. For those that are still relatively new to our favourite pastime, it keeps the enthusiasm alive. Keeping the memories fresh is what drivs you to go out again and again and again.

The deadline for the entries is 31st August 2015. If you wish to enter, you can do so by submitting your story to thesecondsummit@gmail.com

All entries will be read and judged by Simon Powell, and the winner will be anounced in the next monthly newsletter at the start of September and again here on the website shortly after.

Good Luck folks!


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