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So every backpacker and wild camper in the country will, by now, know about the Alpkit Brukit. If not, you can have a look at it by heading to the Alpkit website and clueing yourself up. It’s effectively a personal stove system, much like the famed Jetboil stoves but comes at Alpkit’s characteristically low price point. Not many people know, however, that Alpkit are hard at work developing a mini version of the Brukit which is now in its prototype stages. We here at Second Summit were lucky enough to have been sent one to have a look at.

You can take a look at the first thoughts on using this stove in the video below, which was recorded while the stove was boiling water for a morning coffee on the summit of Dollywagon Pike in the Lake District.

Here are a few more thoughts;

Weight & Size

So, the Alpkit Brukit “mini” consists of the stove, pot with heat exchanger, neoprene insulating sleeve, and a lid. Total weight for the package is 352g which is very close to a Jetboil Sol at 380g on our scales, although the Jetboil Sol does come with a plastic cup, gas canister feet and a stand for bigger pots. Still, 352g is pretty light! In terms of packed dimensions, the “mini Brukit” is approximately; 15×10.5cm with a capacity of 750ml. The original Brukit is 17×12.5cm and holds 1L. On its first outing, we managed to boil a “Look What We Found” pouch in the pot quite easily.

Alpkit, Brukit, mini, jetboil, prototype, flash, sol, mini mo

The prototype “mini” Brukit weighs 352g all in.

Other Features…

A couple of aspects of this Alpkit Brukit prototype make it more user friendly than the Jetboil Sol that I would normally take wild camping. A handle on the lid means you don’t burn your fingers on steam when you take the lid off – simple but a rarity on personal stove systems. The rigid, metal handles that Jetboil have only recently cottoned on to with the newer mini mo models means you have a better grip and less fear of spilling boiling hot liquid. Again, simple but effective. The relatively standard heat exchanger helps with efficiency. There is a good amount of simmer control, allowing you to heat things through more thoroughly without burning the bottom.

alpkit, brukit, mini, prototype, jetboil, flash sol, minimo

Such a simple difference in the lid makes a huge difference in useability.

A couple of things…

Some minor niggles though, are; The flame/gas control knob seems to be more awkward than necessary to access. The heat exchanger and flame a relatively exposed, though some protection is provided. The lid does not seem to fit well enough for the straining holes to be effective. Water seems to creep out from between the lid and the pot instead.

Alpkit control knob, alpkit, brukit, jetboil, sol, flash minimo

The control knob could be a pain in colder weather.

If you have any other questions regarding this Alpkit Brukit “mini” prototype, please contact us via the contact form which can be found here.


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